Friday, June 30, 2006

So its Friday!!!!! Begining of a holiday weekend....I should be happy and overjoyed that I actually have some time off....and I am. But I cannot but help have this feeling that something just isn't right. Maybe its my Lukemia test, maybe its the wedding, maybe its just life in general trying to tell me to slow down and remember to breathe.

I went out last night with the girls and danced the night away and it was a ton of fun, and I think the best part was that Liz was there....She is this amazingly cool chick...who I would have never met if it hadn't been for Dennis, but never in a million years would I ever give him credit for us meeting. She has this calming beauty about her that is really neat, not to mention that she is drop dead gorgeous and has a great personality. Im excited to get to know her and have more fun evenings hanging out.

I should know tomorrow about the Lukemia test..its nerve wracking and it has had me on edge for the last 2 days...but I keep telling myself I'm not gonna worry about it until I know I have something to worry about. I have tons of people pulling for me and praying for me and so that has to mean something right?

Well I suppose i better get back to work...considering I am still on the clock...Guys.. just remember that you have no idea when life is gonna throw a curve ball at ya, you have to be ready and embrace the change and excitement of it all....Until we get together again.....


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