Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today Im Thankful For:

- I had another day at wasn't wonderful..but i still can pay my bills

-A wonderful conversation with TJ about our summer plans

-An invigorating walk with Allison at Cal Poly....i feel so whole again

-That I have the ability to see the change i bring about in other people

- That I know I have friends near and far who really do care and who would do anything for me

-For my prince who is lost out there somewhere on the same search as me...hopefully we'll bump into each other here getting impatient.

-Dennis....cause he makes me smile and because i had an awesome weekend with my bestfriend.

-Katie because she has more strength to put up with chairs being thrown at her and her boyfriend being an ass...close your eyes and breathe it'll be over soon.

-My bed...because it is the next place I am going...time for sleep and peaceful dreams.


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