Monday, June 12, 2006 I thought I would try something completely different than that retarded myspace day after day......Mybe this will be my safe haven to come to when the world just gets a little too crazy and I need to jump off for a little bit.
Today wasn't kept me busy and although i have this horrible anemia thing going on thats causing me to pass out randomly...I managed to get through work without causing a scene. I came home to an empty roommate, no bestfriend...he left and went home again...truly a a sad thing, wish he could stay forever cause I don't think he has any idea how much joy and happieness he brings me by just being around and talking to me.
Anyway...glad the day is widing up...much to do and think about as the days pass until I have a vacation and I can head down south to a whole different world. Until tomorrow....may each of you know the meaning of love, joy and happieness as we see the sun set on another day given to us by a power far greater than ourselves.


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