Monday, July 03, 2006


For someone who claims to be my friend, someone who claims to care about me and someone who prides himself on being honest and open; your not showing me any of that at all. I thought I knew you; I thought I could trust you. I guess I was wrong...Do you understand that you have really hurt me? Do you realize that you have done permanent damage to our friendship? Do you even care about any of it at all?

It's really hard for me to believe that you of all people are capable of doing something like this to another person, it's so out of chracter for you. And even more so, to do it to me. You realize that because of what you've done I am calling into question everything you have ever said and done.

Nothing between us will ever be the same, you have damaged my trust with you; and even though you have hurt me and messed things up so bad, what hurts me the most, is that you have dissapointed me. And thats a first for you and I. You have always been the one I could count on to shoot straight with me, or at I least I thought you were. Who knows anymore.

You are hundreds of miles from me and right now that is the best place for you to be...because if you were in front of me right now I honestly don't think I would have anything to say to you. What can I say? You have to know i'm angry with you...its not like its not obvious what you have done.

So keep ignoring the phone calls, in your mind if you think that closing your eyes and mind to whats going on is going to make it go away, then I hope that works for you. But just know that when you open them again and you think its safe to come out of hiding; i'm still gonna be pissed and extremely dissapointed in you. And if your ok with that, if you can find some way to justify it in your mind, it just proves to me that I never really knew you like I thought I did, and that your chracter has been shot to hell in my book.

Why would you do this to me? After everything we have gone through...everything I have done for you to make you happy and feel good? You have shoved it back in my face and taken it all for granted...Why?